#nowlistening : Yael Naim

I just discovered this artist called Yael Naim.She is a French-Israeli Tunisian.And I have been listening to her all day.I’m sure you will like it too.She has a Norah Jones like feel to her voice in some of her songs.Btw,Norah is up with a new album.Give it a listen too.Here are two of Yael’s songs that I think are best from what I have heard so far.

What are you listening to currently?Any local bands there? Update!

P.S. we should add a music category in our list.Just how did we not think of it in the first place?

Danny Gregory – my new inspiration.


I have always been a fan of doodling… and a big fan of your doodles.:) Recently I have discovered the art of illustration. It seems like a mix of sketching and coloring but in a light sort of way. I really like the idea. Then I came across artist Danny Gregory’s travel journals. He is also an author of illustration books. But his travel journals really struck me. Just the idea of having a daily journal, not so much different than a diary, but filled with pictures. Loved the idea!

His website is at http://dannygregory.com/category/journals/   and here’s a video of him drawing his breakfast!

Recently I got one of his new books. It’s called “An Illustrated Life – drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers” . It’s an absolute delight. In here you find the most excellent sketches from the best 50 illustrators. They all have distinctly different styles developed over their careers and their personal sketchbooks truly present inspiration on every page. Even though the print is small and you can’t read some of the notes in the sketches, it can be ignored because the book gives a lot.

Here are a few pictures from the book.

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Niagara – in my journal

niagara falls… through the lens.

I recently made a trip to niagara falls with my husband… needless to say, the falls are breathtaking!

Its truly a wonder and I loved the grandeur of the water. It seemed like a never ending powerful flow of gushing waters… splendid.

As I’ve been inspired by the illustrator Danny Gregory and his travel journals, I couldn’t help but make a small sketch of the trip. Hope you enjoy it!



illustration #1
maid of the mist, horseshoe falls, the canada side

illustration #2
in love, food, the rainbow bridge across two countries, peaceful greens



 Fight with self is the worst possible fight.What say you S?

Movie Review : Catfish

Image taken from internet

Yes,it is another movie made on the social networking site Facebook.But you can’t dismiss this documentary as just another one.If it is really a documentary or not,well,don’t know,don’t care.But I will tell you S,you will love this movie just as i did.

The central character in the movie is a New York based dance photographer Nev.His brother and his friends are shown documenting how he befriends a fan,a 8-year-old girl from Michigan,who sends him paintings of his famous photos,and her family.He,through Facebook,develops a romantic alliance with one of the family members.This movie is about how people have started judging strangers through their profiles on various networking sites which can be very misleading,and how important it has become to be famous on Facebook.It shows a perfectly sweet person can fall victim to social pressure.There is drama in the movie,without being even slightly dramatic.There is blossoming of romance,without being all gooey about it.Being a documentary,it manages to remain very realistic.Its just a 90 minute documentary but the beauty of it is that it manages to touch you in a way that not many 2 hours movies can do.You don’t even for a minute feel that people are faking it.So even if this movie is not a genuine documentary,which you do doubt at moments,they have done a genuine job keeping the characters very real.

My favorite part of the movie is not any particular scene,but the protagonist.Nev, beyond his smoldering smile,you discover as you keep watching,that there’s more to him.He is this boy  next door,with talent in photography.He does have his shallow moments,but the best part about him is that he is so non-judgmental.And non-dramatic.He is how a deeply understanding a person can be.As the story unfolds,and a confrontation is gets nearer,he seems to rather gather his pieces and stands strong,non-condescending,mature and very accommodating.Not every one can be that.

Image taken from internet

S,you must must watch this movie and tell me what you thought about it.

More later…

The Late Reply

To You,

I am so sorry for this extremely late reply,there were  more than a couple of things happening.I am so glad to hear about the summer there.I seem to now understand why everyone fancies spring in that part of the world.And the advertisement is just so entertaining…I like it too.And yes,remember you promised me some photos,so I am waiting for them.Especially a sunset one.

Well here it is super hot.Last week I literally got burned as I was roaming out in the city in the afternoon.You know Pune has become so very harsh.It is heading towards the extreme climate group.Me no like!!!

This weekend I was at a beach along with my girl friends…because one of them is getting married next month.Sounds familiar eh??Gosh,i was so missing the time that we were out with Sheetal and Eva.Here too we had a balcony overlooking the sea and at night we could hear the waves…and see the starlit sky.I missed you so much.I wonder if we can ever go back like that.I think we definitely should before anyone else gets married.I had not taken my camera,so I can’t share any photos right now.

You know what crossed my mind while writing this… the famously clichéd  ‘girls can’t be best friends’ is so crap.I mean I was just thinking about both these trips,all females and not even once did I feel any resentment, jealousy, insecurity or anything that a girl is supposed to feel about another female.And these were some of the best times I had!I mean look at us and me and Sheetal. So many years of being friends and I don’t remember having a fight even once.I wonder where this came up from!!!! I have a strong suspicion on the opposite sex!

Anyways. I heard this song while on the trip.Its something very different.And not by an Indian.I am listening to more songs from this brit band.Will tell you if anything strikes me.For now…this song


I  saw this really interesting movie called Catfish the other day.Again something so different and endearing.Was totally smitten by Yaniv’s smile.Will come up with a  review soon.Did you finish reading that book??Waiting to hear how you thought it is.

Has been ages since we skyped.We have to this week.More later.Love!

Time to write to you.

To you,

The clouds here are so phenomenal Purva. Every other day I look up and there they are… doing something special up there. And since now its summer here, they just go crazy. Remember how in all the classic paintings by western artists you see skies and you think yeah this is just a painting, no way the sky looks like that in nature. I thought that till now and I am so wrong. The clouds DO look like that! The skies have some unbelievable colors here. Don’t know how and I really don’t know why we don’t see it in Pune, maybe its the weather or climate or something. In Pune its just the occasional color play in the evenings. But here, its right there. Something different every day. So many hues of so many colors. You can’t help but stand and stare at them. The sunset sure is beautiful here. Really breathtaking.

Alas, I don’t have any pictures. At least not good ones. But I do intend to get some soon…

The spring is in the air. Heh. Even the ads have long started telling us about spring collections on the television! (which reminds me… check this ad out. I love it! )  I love the way how they used loads of colors! but really, Indian ads are so much more creative and fresh and entertaining. I mean you can even watch the ads. There are so few ads here that stand out. It’s rather boring to wait between breaks.

Okay I ‘m was off topic here but who cares. :))

So as I was saying, the weather’s really changed, rather drastically changed now. From the time I had two sets of clothes on and big fat coats, now its really fun! The sun peeps through the windows very early in the morning and sets around eight at night. The mornings are sunny and bright and I ve started seeing people on the streets again. Walking their dogs, taking their kids out in the stroller, jogging. The green on the leaves has returned and the park near my place has lovely waters and even more ducks and geese.   I even saw a rabbit below my apartment the other day! And the seagulls are everywhere now…

All the people are out of their sweats and sweaters and coats and into shorts and skirts and dresses. Sunny hats are here. The car windows are rolled down. People jog, all – the  – time. And when there’s the occasional rain, (it’s a lousy drizzle here thank god. not wet floody rains like ours…!) when there’s rain, everyone seems to go out for coffee and drives. There are flowers absolutely everywhere!

I love this season… Its all colors. Summer is here! If you were here we would’ve gone out for ice creams!

hey! Street art in Mumbai too!

Purva! Your post totally reminded me of an article I d saved from Business Standard weekend editions. they used to, USED TO have a great weekend edition…:(

So… it had an article on THE WALL PROJECTin Bandra. It was an initiative by Dhanya Pilo, an NID graduate and filmmaker. Out of boredom and looking at the peeling paint on the walls she and a few other people took up painting the really old walls in the neighborhood of bandra. You can find multiple styles on the walls – typography,stenciling, freestyle, caricaturing, geometric symbolism. Its not a message kinda graffiti, but I think you’ll love the concept and the fun element!

*all pictures are taken from the net

Isn’t it wonderful! Who would’ve thought it’d be somewhere so near… I think next time you visit Mumbai on a photo trip you should totally visit this neighborhood in Bandra. Wish I could’ve been there!:)

I haven’t yet seen any graffiti here but that’s probably because I haven’t roamed on foot yet… but since Norfolk is a port and an old one at that so there are many sculptures and murals around the place all centered around nautical symbols or the seas. I don’t have the pictures yet but the sculptures are really interesting. Will put them up soon!

Street art fascination…!

Sayali,I don’t remember if I told you how fascinated I am with street art these days.I got these couple of books about it,and I spend most of my day staring at it. Did you know, graffiti (singular graffito,which i think is a cooler word) was the origin of this form of art.Street art in only a genre of graffiti.I was under the impression that it must have been the opposite!!! While graffiti is only understood by fellow artists (they seem to have a clan with symbolic language) street art is more out there,for the public.

My favorite street artist, so far, is a British artist called  Banksy( Bank – see ). Here are a few of his works that I am so in love with:

Disclaimer: All images are taken from the internet.

Such irony,such beauty!

Peace…well,speaks for itself!

Something everyone talks about all the time! 

This above piece was done on the controversial Israeli barrier.It is just so significant and so expressive and giving out hope.One of my absolute favorite.

I have lovingly named this ‘the idiot box’   =)


Harsh realty?!

Letting go…trying to hold on?


Aren’t they just wonderful…in all sense?? Giving out social messages,ridiculing the system and making  streets a place for art.I just feel so sad that there is so less of street art practiced in India,and the need seems so obvious!

You know what happens to me when I usually have a fascination about something/someone.I dream.I had this dream,I was completely dressed in black…from head to toe.Had a hood on,and had covered my face with a large blue kerchief.And there was someone with me,dressed exactly like me.We were roaming on the streets,late at night,and on finding a spot ‘vandalized’ it with black and white and blue and red paint (obviously involved a peace sign) It was such an amazing feeling,even in dream that I woke up feeling extremely light and free.And I have decided,that some day… I am definitely going to make it happen.I just have to find a perfect partner in crime.😉

Any street artists there? Update me!!

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